165 Early 20th Century Kitchen and Dining Advertisement 
Graphics, Ready-To-Use - Furnishings, Appliances and Cookware

Sellers, Boone and Hoosier Cabinets,
 Frigidaire (part of General Motors) , Kelvinator, Servel, GE Fridges, Alaska,  
Bohn Syphon Refrigerator, Leonard Cleanable, and Oil Ranges
Pyrex, Mirro and Wear-Ever Cookware, a few percolators and toasters also.


The illustrations in these ads have multi-uses,and would be valuable in the retro-family, housewives, children, decor, and retro-fashion themes. 
The ad copy has lots of little priceless gems of historical value. Like what things were called when first invented... "electric fireless cooking ranges".

In a lot of the ads, i noticed that it was recommended that food be kept in temperatures under 50 degrees, to avoid spoilage and toxins. 
That 50 degrees just doesn't scientifically work out well. 
Especially in those days, when there wasn't much addition of unnatural preservatives and other chemicals to keep our fresh foods.

Also, In most of the ads, fresh foods were not wrapped. Full meals sat in there without being in a container. 
Containers and aluminum foil spoiled the ad's isual effect.
Trivia - Ovens were also used for canning or slow cooking at 225 degrees for forever. A high-speed oven in those days baked "biscuits in 12 minutes".


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165 Early 20th Century Kitchen Furnishings and Appliances Ads



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165 Early 20th Century Kitchen Furnishings and Appliance Ads

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