Water-Wise Landscaping
Hardscapes and Xeriscaping

 wide expanses of user-unfriendly, water-hogging front and backyard lawns at my new home.
In two seasons, nary a bee, butterfly, bird or welcoming path to the front door....... (sigh)
this project begins with the last season of spraying of pesticides and pre-emergents
This xeriscaping project is zone 8, but the same principles can be used in any zone.
Only the plants and available landscape materials and accessories will change.
Many plants suitable for xeriscaping are suitable across several zones.
photo above is used because it's actually a "blank slate", the canvas i worked with.

Step 1 - Removed overgrown and oversized shrub, lay down shredded pine bark mulch.
Begin to trim back branches of Crape Myrtle growing in an inappropriate area against the house eaves.

eunonymous and azalea shrubs, and poorly planted bottle brush shrub that is planted too close
to the doorway. In fact, all of the plantings were made without thought given  to their mature
heights or widths, how far the roots will spread, and are now a problem to care for or move.

The poor crape myrtle is still there out of the goodness of my heart. It is a problem doing
damage to the home and interrupting the flow of the foundation plantings. It should have been
planted in the middle of the lawn or out near the front right of way.
i'm using it to hang birdfeeders onto until i figure out how to move or control it.

Step 2 - Beginning to eliminate areas of lawn using hardscaping techniques
Draw out a design. I wanted the front yard to utilize "curves" and create flow

Locate a licensed and experienced stone/cement contractor - get lots of estimates before choosing.
Ask the contractor to show you samples of different types of stone. Choose a color that will be part 
of your garden theme: I am designing an asian theme utilizing earthy colors, the home has brick front, 
i am choosing reds/yellows/greens/oranges/white as the predominant color theme. I chose a 
flagstone picking up the color of the brick mortar and with rust/peach/gold/cream color throughout..

nice chunk of lawn removed, yay!

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